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Our Philosophy

Above all, the practice of law is a client service.  When clients engage us, we know they are entrusting us with some of their most important problems or goals, and they deserve not only competent advice, but also personal commitment to their matters—willingness to diligently deliver excellent work product, on schedule and within budget expectations.

Our job is to find the most efficient way to protect our clients legally while enabling them to achieve their business objectives.  We know that to do that we must not only be experts in the law, but must also take the time to understand each client's business, objectives, and legal concerns.

Many of our clients are busy owners and managers of smaller companies with few occasions to engage lawyers and little time to educate themselves on the law.  We are often engaged to help sell a business, raise substantial capital, develop or distribute key technologies or products, or complete similar bet-the-company transactions.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to clearly explain legal issues and processes, as well as deliver quality work, and to provide both good and bad news with empathy and professionalism.